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Summer nights are for fireflies!

Sweeties,  one thing I love most about summer is running around just after sunset and catching fireflies!  They look sooooo pretty n flashy n pretty!  And now that I’m old I’mma showing my lil brother about fireflies.  He’s already got a few inna jar and I’m teaching how you never ever ever squish them, and you always let them go before you go into bed.

Firefly closeup

You ken see how excited he is! But I told him he’s gotta wear his shoes cause you ken’t see where you’re steppin, n I don’t want him to get hurt. So remember that too, safety first when you’re out being awesome!

Firefly longshot


  • Store: Purple Pandas
    • Dollarbie: Sierra Galaxy Shirt
    • Fits: TD Baby
    • Includes: Shirt
  • Store: Prima Petite
    • Dollarbie: Daydream Eyes II – Cassiopeia
    • Fits:Mod so almost everyone!
    • Includes: Mesh and classic eyes
  • Store: Alli&Ali Designs Hair
    • Dollarbie: Phil Hair Sunlit Brown
    • Fits: Mod so lots
    • Includes: Mesh hair and classic avatar hairbase
  • Store: Vlad Blackburn
    • Freebie :Unisex Sneakers Dark Star High Tops Colorable
    • Fits:Mod – They came sized for a grump, but they fit mine lil brother
    • Includes:2 pairs of color changing star sneakers
  • Store: Grim Enigma
    • Dollarbie: Fireflies for All
    • Includes: Firefly rezzer and wearable jar of fireflies


Other stuffs:

  • Head & Body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (v.1.0.6) & Baby body
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Shape: Custom
  • Freckles & Blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Jeans: Sweet Tots – Jeans from the Cowboy2015 Jake outfit
  • Pose: my lucky stars – Pumpkin Patch
  • Windlight: AnaLu – outdoor night
  • Props: Half Deer Starbreeze Palm Trees & Fancy Decor Davis Short Panel Fencing
  • Locale: Backdrop City


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The Imaginarium is open!!!

All right sweetie, you know wat this means??? Gifties!!!  All you gotta do is join the Gimme Gatch group for free when you get there n then hop around an pick up all the gifts!  I’m showing just a few of them here, of course theres mor!  First I’mma going to show you a photo with the backdrop n some flowers and some shelves inna shape of a giraffee (my brother’s most favorite animal!).  The flowers are from two different gifts and both have a pose.  There’s a cloud of daisies and then a great big giant one to wear!

Full shot

There’s also some sunglasses with the galaxies swirling around in them!
Space glasses

Butcha don’t wanna wear the sunglasses all of the time, cause there’s also some giftie eyes ~

  • Skyline eyes

So anyways, run on over to the Imaginarium so you can find stuffs to be even mor awesome than you already are!

Where: The Imaginarium


  • Store: Yokai
    • Gift: Space Glasses
    • Fits: Mod, so almost everyone!
    • Includes: Glasses with space swirling around!
  • Store: Le Forme
    • Gift: Skyline Eyes
    • Fits: Mod, so almost everyone!
    • Includes: Mesh eyes
  • Store: Lil’Bug
    • Gift: Imaginarium gift
    • Fits: All
    • Includes: Cloud of daisies with pose
  • Store: TS
    • Freebie: Daisy
    • Includes: Giant Daisy with pose
  • Store: +Dreamcatcher+
    • Gift: Backdrop
    • Includes: Lace backdrop in four colors
  • Store: Your ♥ Dreams
    • Gift: Shelf Giraffe

Other stuffs:

  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Emerald
  • Head and body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice & Kid body (v4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Freckles & Blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Hair:
  • Hair: **DP**YUMYUM *T02(brown)
  • Poses:
  • Windlight: Annan Adored Optimal Skin (no shadows)



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Ok, sweeties,  you might not kno this, but I lives on an island.  So we have some island decor stuffs.  And you probably knows this, I have a buncha pets.  So I’mma going to show you wat happens when you do island stuff decor n you got lots of pets.  First you havta to have a bed for your kitties, n JIAN has a great one for a beach house!  Itsa the kitty cat shark bed, n it’s a group gift at JIAN.  Just join the free group and pick up the prezzies.  You ken change the kitties into 9 different colors, n the shark into three different colors!

JIAN Shark bed

While you are there you ken also pick up the Kitten booties.  They are perfect for wading in the tidal pools lookin’ for sea shells. They are like the Shark bed n that you ken change the kitties n the booties lots n lots!

JIAN Kitten Booties

So stop by JIAN and get the awesome group gifts to add to your awesome self!


  • Store: JIAN
    • Group gifts:
      • Kitty Shark Bed
      • Kitten Booties

Other stuffs:

  • Hair: **DP**YUMYUM 57 (brown) & nekomimi(SNR)
  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Emerald
  • Head and body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice & Kid body (v4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Freckles & Blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Pose: CNZ Little Gift Pose – Bento
  • Windlight: Nam’s Beach Scene
  • Backdrop: Astralia Kawaii undersea scene backdrop
  • Locale: Backdrop City
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Itsa wedding season ~

And sweeties, you know what that means!  Ifn you have a family as big as mine, there’s weddings, weddings, and more weddings.  I went to two just this last weekend! And, of cours, ifn you’re the flower girl, your outfit is picked out to match everyone else, but watta you do if you’re a guest? Well, no worries, today’s freebies will have you covered for a fancy dress.  First is the dress.  It’s very pretty, n you ken wear it lots of places.  And everybody is going to say ‘How Awesome!’

Fancy dress

You also ken get the hair, eyes, n shoes, so you’re all set. Here’s the front n the back of the hair ~
Head shot
Back of hairdo


  • Store: Candy Cloud
    • 5L:  Rosaly GIFT
    • Fits: TD Baby
    • Includes: Mesh top, inner n outer gown, bows
  • Store: Alli&Ali Designs Hair
    • Dollarbie: Dana Hair Dirty Blonde (Special Color)
    • Fits: Resizable, so almost everyone!
    • Include hair, and an alpha for classic avs
  • Store: ♥«´¨`•° Soulglitter °•´¨`»♥
    • Dollarbie: *Soulglitter* Eyes DARK BOX
    • Fits: Most
    • Includes: 5 system eyes (copy only), and 5 pairs of prim eyes (copy & mod)  all in colors: brown, gold, silver, sepia, and night (I’mma wearing night)
  • Store: Thomas101 Auer
    • 2L: Mesh Ballet Flats Silver
    • Fits: Resizable, so almost everyone!
    • Includes: Shoes and fitter for classic avs

Other stuffs:

  • Head & Body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (v.1.0.6) & Baby body
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Freckles and blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Pose: click  precious 1
  • Windlight: Fairy warm pinks (Paulina)
  • Backdrop: Luxurious Living Series – Spa
  • Locale: Backdrop City
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Life’s an adventure!

Ifn you know anything about my big brother you know summer is his most favorite time of the year.  He’s old enough to run around by himself n he likes to do just that!  So most days, when I’m being baby-sittted, he throws on sometime comfy and spends the day checking out the town

Adventure full length

This is some of his most favorite clothes cause he says they speak to him? The shorts say something about ‘I’m not a number’

Not a number

And the shirt talks about how life is an adventure (and it comes in sizes from grumps to TD babies)

Life is an adventure

I think all this stuff shows how awesome mine brother is, and it will show how awesome you are too! Check out the info below on how to get these freebies!



  • Store: MK Designs
    • Freebie: Kids Shorts & Suspenders – I am not a Number
    • Fits: Big kids
    • Includes: Shorts in xs and xxs, and the alpha to go with them
  • Store: Vicarious Youth
    • Dollarbie: Baggy Tee – Life Is An Adventure (SL13B Gift)
    • Fits: Comes in 5 standard sizes for men & women, standard child, fitted child, toddleedoo baby & kid.
    • Includes: t-shirt

Other stuffs:


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Gotta mash-up!

Ok, sweeties, like, so I missededed Monday’s blog, life, amiright? Anyhow I didn’t wants you to miss out on anything so inna today’s blog I’ve got the Marketplace Monday stuff too!  So there’s a buncha stuff today.  Besides the marketplace I’ve got a few of the gifts you ken pick up at the Gatcha Garden event right now! So lets get started so you ken go out and be even more awesome!

EverythingFramedClose up

Freebies: Marketplace Monday

  • Store: Velvet Inferno
    • 5L: Buttercup Summer Dress
    • Fits: Toddleedoo baby and kid
    • Includes: Dress
  • Store: Alli&Ali Designs Hair
    • Dollarbie: Karin Hair Strawberry Blonde (Special Color). Cute braided pigtails
    • Fits: Resizable so most!
    • Includes: Hair

Freebies: Gatcha Garden

  • Store: aime
    • Gift: : For Rose – Mint nailpolish
    • Fits: Most bodies, including Omega
    • Includes: Three polishs
  • Store:  :BoWillow::
    • Gift: : Spa Me ~I’m Beautiful Frame
    • Fits: Most
    • Includes: Wearable picture frame
  • Store: Les Sucreries de Fairy
    • Gift: : Birds in a cage
    • Includes: Lotsa lil birds!
  • Store:  ::Axix::
    • Gift: : Mochi Toys Cream Bunny

Other Stuffs:

  • Head and body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice & Kid body (v4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Freckles & Blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Pose
  • Windlight: Fairy blue (Paulina)
  • Backdrop: [M O N S] 3D – Tente (black)
  • Locale: Backdrop City





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Freebies for a road trip!

Ok, sweeties, pleas, pleas, pleas, don’t look to close at the picture.  This is the best one I could get n I had to bribe mine brother to get it.  You’d think he’d wanna show off his new outfit, but he just wannted to make faces! Ugh!  Anyway I got these pictures at least so I ken tell you about some great clothes for when you go onna road trip. the red tank top and pants outfit from .ButtonStache. keeps you cool n comfy even when you’re in a desert.  And, even though I love to go barefoot, inna the desert you really need to have some great shoes on to protect your feet.  The ones I found from Red Beeks are actually made for grumps but are resizable so you ken wear them too! And of course you’ll be awesome!

Red Tank OutfitBSN Kikz Sneakers


  • Store: .ButtonStache.
    • Dollarbie: Red Tank Outfit [Group Gift]
    • Fits: TD Baby and Kid
    • Includes: Tank and Pants in one
  • Red Beeks
    • Dollarbie: BSN Kikz Sneakers
    • Fits: Mod so almost everyone!
    • Includes: one resize scripted pair of sneakers, and one modifiable pair, an alpha layer, and a shoe base.

Other stuffs:

  • Hair: *-*EF*-* 0.7.Hair in blond
  • Head & Body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (v.1.0.6) & Baby body
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Shape: Custom
  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Emerald
  • Freckles & Blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Hairbase: Volthair Male hairbases V1
  • Pose: Dokki Doki *Maru Maru* Cute Pose 3
  • Windlight: Nacon’s Sweet Morning
  • Backdrop: (Milk Motion) road to nowhere – Desert Land
  • Locale: Backdrop City
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Come one, come all! Boys and girls of all ages!

Ok sweeties, the Gimme Gatcha group is back and this month’s theme is Carnival!  There’s tons of gifties, but I onlys has room to show you a few.  Anyone from bebe to td to tween will be able to find SOMETHING they like, especially the cute little ceramic? dog, guniea pig, somethin’ or other?  You just havta join the Gimme Gatcha group, and if you click on any gift box you will be sent an invite.  Anyhow, check out the pics, take the landmark and go show your awesome self at the carnival (just a warning, it might look a little scary but that’s just pretend).

Freebies:  Gatchaland

  • Freebie: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Jenica hair-Anime set
    • Fits: Tweenster and big kids
    • Includes: Hair and HUD with 8 colors
  • Freebie: .:Pulse:. Lenity Flowers Crown – White
    • Fits: Mod- so almost anyone
    • Includes: Crown
  • Freebie: [Puke Rainbows] Wood Light Pathway
    • Includes:: Straight pathways in three lengths plus a curved pathway
  • Freebie: comet. + gachaland gift +
    • Includes: Cute little animal
  • Freebie: *Dilly Dolls* Bowler Hat
    • Fits: Mod – so almost anyone
    • Includes: Bowler hats in 5 different colors
  • Freebie: Lil’Bug carnival Gift
    • Fits: Adjustable – so almost everyone
    • Includes: Trapeze hoop

Other Stuffs:

  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Emerald
  • Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE
  • Body: Meshmerized Tweenster v2.03 Boy Fitted
  • Skin: ~Mynerva~ 2016 Little Suzanne Summer
  • Shape: Custom
  • Outfit: NRs! Tweenster-Ballet outfit-HUD 3 bold colors – Tutu not shown in pics
  • Windlight: AAnaLutetia – AvatarOpt2 whiter
  • Backdrop: Po^Z Mesh Ushai – Squared Backdrop ( Copy/Mod)
  • Locale: Backdrop City
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Freebies for all the unicorn fangirls!

Oh sweeties, first I found the ‘Don’t stop believing shorts set from Vicarious Youth, then I stumbled across the Unicorn Dream purse by Ninety (which comes in a set of seven colors!), so I just had to find some matching hair! This Silver Blonde Unicorn hair by Alli&Ali Designs Hair was just too perfect. Soooo I just felt like a very tropical unicorn fangirl and hadto find some islands perfect to take photos in! If you’re into unicorns or just need some shorts for the summer get on the MP and pick up today’s finds! Then go out and be your awesome unicorn self!


Other stuffs:




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For when you just have to be cool…

Ok, you know sweeties, some times you gotta look cool. You just do. So I went out and found some freebies for us to be able to do just that! And there’s more. Theses freebies come in sooo many sizes your whole family can look cool too. (of course they don’t have to be going around lookin cool while your chatting up that someone that caught your eye). Now the place to get the freebies is Just Drake in Misthaven. They are totally free and you don’t even have to join a group to get them. So check out the details, hop on over to Just Drake, and be your cool, awesome self! Oh! I almost forgot! I’m showing you three freebies but there’s five freebies in the store!


  • Store: Just Drake
    • Just Drake T-shirt
      • Fits: Ladies XXS to L, Men’s XS to XL, TD Baby & Kid, Child – Tween bodies & Regular Kid
    • Just Drake pants
      • Fits: Ladies XXS to L, Men’s XS to XL, TD Baby & Kid, Child – Tween bodies & Regular Kid
    • Just Drake Sweater
      • Fits: SMB, TD, TMP (but worked just fine on my tweenster)

Other stuffs:

  • Girl:
    • Hair: Doe Mary (solid) – Browns
    • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Emerald
    • Leggings: *Cherry Tot* Tweenster Dark Grey Leggins
    • Shoes: V&K Design SMB/Tweenster/Avi(L) Lia Shoes Black
    • Pose: [Cute] Posing Ouch – BONUS DOLLARBIE!!!!
  • Boy:
    • Hair: 503  Leno Hair (Dark Brown)
    • Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Elven Eyes (Maple) – BONUS DOLLARBIE!!!!
    • Pose: Glamrus Kids . Rain 01
  • Both:
    • Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE
    • Body: MeshMerized Tweenster v2.03 Boy Fitted
    • Skin: ~Mynerva~ 2016 Little Suzanne Spring
    • Shape: Custom
    • Windlight: Annan Adored Realistic ambient
    • Backdrop: AMITOMO:HAIKEI Midsummer Memories GACHA / Ultra Rare1
    • Locale: Backdrop City