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Suni’s rules for being cool ~

Ok, here’s Suni’s guide to being cool.

1. Be kind to others. Help them whenever you can.
2. Don’t make it look like you’re in a hurry. Cool people get stuff done without looking like they are in a rush
3. Find the colors and styles that make you feel good, that make you smile. Wear those!

Sweeties, you are cool, you are awesome, EVERYONE has something that makes them special. Yes, even you!  And of course maybe you’ll find something you like at the Hipster Fair. It goes until March 3rd, so you have plenty of time to get there without rushing.  There are gifts all over and there’s a few us tweens can use. There’s some decor for your room, like a peacock tapestry, and some buckets of spring flowers. Then for you there’s some spring sunglasses, a beret that comes in eight different colors, and some way cool black (or white)hair with a color change hairband.  But avoid the pink sneakers.  They are no mod and don’t have a resize script in them.
I’ve also found a cool shirt on the Marketplace. It fits classic avatars and any that use Omega appliers, the base t-shirt is in black, grey, or white, and you get both Paris is Light and Paris is Love. I’m wearing Paris is Light. So sweeties, go be cool if you want to, but never forget to awesome!

Hipster Fair

  • Freebies/Dollarbies:
    • Worn:
      • Bodhi Black Spring Glasses
      • Graffitiwear Beret in Licorice
      • Tameless Dispina – Blacks and White
    • Rezzed:
      • ~ASW~ The Peacock Caboose Tapestry
      • DD White Roses Arrangement Bucket


  • Store: -Raen-
  • Freebie: -Omega Freebie- Paris is Love, Paris is Light (Paris is Light is worn)
  • Fits: Anyone that uses Omega and classic avatars

Paris is Love, Paris is Light

Other stuffs:

  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes in Emerald
  • Head: LeLutka Bento Head – CHLOE
  • Body: Meshmerized – Tweenster Mesh Body- v2.03 Fitted
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: ~Mynerva~2016 Little Suzanne Spring
  • Necklace: .: Kinen’s Kreations:. Glowing Flame
  • Jeans: Luly Tweenster Jeans – Basics
  • Shoes: V&K Design SMB/Tweenster/Avil(L) Lia Shoes
  • Pose: *Maru Maru* Cute Pose 3
  • Windlight: AnaLutetia – AvatarOpt2 whiter
  • Backdrop: NO POSES ::WetCat::&.:LEMON:.”Dawn” Backdrop (light)
  • Local: Backdrop City
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Shop Til You Drop event ~

Alright sweeties, Christmas is over (booo), so wat does that leave us next? New Year’s. Now ifn you are as smart as I think you are you’ll forget all about the parties the grumps are having and do a lil celebration on your own. All you need is a few things from the Shop Til You Drop event n a few friends! First of all is the gazebo n this one is very pretty! Then a radio to play music, a chair to sit in when your feet are tired, and some pretty pretty lit trees. Oh, almost forgot! You ken find the hairstyle at the event too! Hurry before it all goes away! p. s. There’s lots of other stuff there too ~



  • Gazebo:CONSTRUCT – Gazebo
  • Gold lit potted pines: Heart – Illuminated Pine – Potted 1 – GOLD – CM
  • Radio: Moco Emporium ~ New Retro Radio [WHITE] COPY MOD Mv6*
  • Chair: [Cb] Round Barrel Chair tan
  • Hair: [NANI] Catherine.Hair (Blonde)

Shop Til You Drop

Other stuff:

  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes in Emerald
  • Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Body: ToddleDoo Kid (v4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Freckles ~ Cute Bytes Freckles & Moles
  • Pose: .click. Twirl 2
  • Dress: NRs!-Toddleedoo-[b-k]-New Years Gown
  • Windlight: B5-ShadowDancing
  • Glasses: Darkness-red-shades-v0.1 – modified

It’s Marketplace Monday! ya, even on Christmas ~

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Itsa KittyCat Christmas!


Oh, sweeties, do you love KittyCats? Then I gotta christmas tree for you! It’s the KittyCat Christmas Tree! It’s got lots n lots of stuff from kitty houses and beds and picture frames to snowmen and even a kitty picture n a buncha kitties on a blanket keepin warm together! And sooo, sooo much more! And don’t forget to look around, there’s a buncha stages all around the tree with displays featuring KittyCats!



  • Wall art ~ CHP Wall Art blk Cats 03
  • Cats ~ *CHP* Furball – KittyCats X-mas 2017
  • Planter ~ ::FxM:: Cat Planter with Sword Fern
  • Lampost ~ Izo’s Wrought iron lamp post
  • Cat house: gingerbread Cathouse by Audrianna
  • Cat bed: KittyCats! Bed (Gingerbread) by Audrianna
  • Light string: Peppermint Lights strand by Audrianna

KittyCats Gift Tree

Other stuff:

  • Windlight: AnaLu – outdoor city night
  • House: Once upon time… Winter Small Cabin
Decor · Marketplace

It’s sooo Silly!

This time sweeties we’re going to the So Silly – Interactive Toys & Gestures for Kids & Adults store. There’s all sorts of amazing things here and 11 group gifts, current n past. The store group is 1L to join, but all the group gifts are free. The gifts include several gestures, mostly seasonal, and stuffs to decorate your second life. Check out the photo to see the current decor items.

So Silly gifts

To find the gifts go straight to the back of the store and take the stairs to the second floor. The gifts are to your right. There’s also a kisok next to the group gifts. Click on it and you’ll get gifts every once in a while without using up a group slot, and the gifts will be different than the group gifts on display.


  • So Silly Space Princess Forever – Sketch
  • *{SS}* So SIlly Cute Unicorn Button 11/6/16 Group Gift (resizable)
  • So Silly Forever Love – Family JULY GROUP GIFT FRAME

So Silly – Interactive Toys & Gestures for Kids & Adults


  • This Cozy Home – Perfect Potted Plant (copy/mod)

Marketplace link

Other stuff:

  • Windlight: Fairy light pink (Paulina)
  • House: Lamp*Light – Rosey Skybox
  • Curtain: Neverland Curtains
  • Hand mirror: -tres blah- Jolie – Handheld Mirror
  • Lotion: -tres blah- Jolie – Lotions
  • Perfume: -tres blah- Jolie – Chic Perfume
  • Vanity: WOOD WORKS HOME & GARDEN Little Princess Vanity & Bench