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Marketplace Monday ~ Tween OOTD!

Okay sweeties, this outfit of the day is perfect for fall!  It includes the hair and eyes ~

18-09-09 Marketplace Monday close up

plus the shirt, the skirt, and the boots, all for only a total of 4L! Like wow!

18-09-09 Marketplace Monday long shot

This outfit is just great for going to school, or the mall, or just hanging out with friends. The boots are sized for grown up ladies, but are very easy to modify so don’t worry about that! Just get on your new clothes and go out and be your awesome self!


  • Store: Adorkable
    • Freebie: Three Tier Skirt and Shirt
    • Fits: Regular kid or mesh tween sizes
    • Shirt, skirt, and alphas
  • IGS
    • 3L: Boots with zip, Brown
    • Fits: Mod so almost any mesh tween
    • Includes: Boots
  • Alli&Ali Designs Hair
    • Dollarbie: Phoebe Hair Dark Brown (Special Color)
    • Fits: Mod, so almost everyone
    • Includes: Mesh hair
  • Mert & BusenuR
    • Freebie: Blue Mesh Eyes (Omega)
    • Fits: Most
    • Includes: Blue Mesh Eyes and an Omega applier

Other stuffs:

  • Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE
  • Body: Meshmerized Tweenster v2.03 Boy Fitted
  • Skin: ~Mynerva~ 2016 Little Suzanne Summer Freckles
  • Shape: Custom
  • Pose: .click. poses & props Twirl 5
  • Windlight: Annan Adored Optimal Skin (no shadows)
  • Backdrop & props: ionic Teacher Scene – RARE & Notes from College [Psychology]
  • Locale: Backdrop City


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Summer nights are for fireflies!

Sweeties,  one thing I love most about summer is running around just after sunset and catching fireflies!  They look sooooo pretty n flashy n pretty!  And now that I’m old I’mma showing my lil brother about fireflies.  He’s already got a few inna jar and I’m teaching how you never ever ever squish them, and you always let them go before you go into bed.

Firefly closeup

You ken see how excited he is! But I told him he’s gotta wear his shoes cause you ken’t see where you’re steppin, n I don’t want him to get hurt. So remember that too, safety first when you’re out being awesome!

Firefly longshot


  • Store: Purple Pandas
    • Dollarbie: Sierra Galaxy Shirt
    • Fits: TD Baby
    • Includes: Shirt
  • Store: Prima Petite
    • Dollarbie: Daydream Eyes II – Cassiopeia
    • Fits:Mod so almost everyone!
    • Includes: Mesh and classic eyes
  • Store: Alli&Ali Designs Hair
    • Dollarbie: Phil Hair Sunlit Brown
    • Fits: Mod so lots
    • Includes: Mesh hair and classic avatar hairbase
  • Store: Vlad Blackburn
    • Freebie :Unisex Sneakers Dark Star High Tops Colorable
    • Fits:Mod – They came sized for a grump, but they fit mine lil brother
    • Includes:2 pairs of color changing star sneakers
  • Store: Grim Enigma
    • Dollarbie: Fireflies for All
    • Includes: Firefly rezzer and wearable jar of fireflies


Other stuffs:

  • Head & Body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (v.1.0.6) & Baby body
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Shape: Custom
  • Freckles & Blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Jeans: Sweet Tots – Jeans from the Cowboy2015 Jake outfit
  • Pose: my lucky stars – Pumpkin Patch
  • Windlight: AnaLu – outdoor night
  • Props: Half Deer Starbreeze Palm Trees & Fancy Decor Davis Short Panel Fencing
  • Locale: Backdrop City


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The Imaginarium is open!!!

All right sweetie, you know wat this means??? Gifties!!!  All you gotta do is join the Gimme Gatch group for free when you get there n then hop around an pick up all the gifts!  I’m showing just a few of them here, of course theres mor!  First I’mma going to show you a photo with the backdrop n some flowers and some shelves inna shape of a giraffee (my brother’s most favorite animal!).  The flowers are from two different gifts and both have a pose.  There’s a cloud of daisies and then a great big giant one to wear!

Full shot

There’s also some sunglasses with the galaxies swirling around in them!
Space glasses

Butcha don’t wanna wear the sunglasses all of the time, cause there’s also some giftie eyes ~

  • Skyline eyes

So anyways, run on over to the Imaginarium so you can find stuffs to be even mor awesome than you already are!

Where: The Imaginarium


  • Store: Yokai
    • Gift: Space Glasses
    • Fits: Mod, so almost everyone!
    • Includes: Glasses with space swirling around!
  • Store: Le Forme
    • Gift: Skyline Eyes
    • Fits: Mod, so almost everyone!
    • Includes: Mesh eyes
  • Store: Lil’Bug
    • Gift: Imaginarium gift
    • Fits: All
    • Includes: Cloud of daisies with pose
  • Store: TS
    • Freebie: Daisy
    • Includes: Giant Daisy with pose
  • Store: +Dreamcatcher+
    • Gift: Backdrop
    • Includes: Lace backdrop in four colors
  • Store: Your ♥ Dreams
    • Gift: Shelf Giraffe

Other stuffs:

  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Emerald
  • Head and body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice & Kid body (v4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Freckles & Blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Hair:
  • Hair: **DP**YUMYUM *T02(brown)
  • Poses:
  • Windlight: Annan Adored Optimal Skin (no shadows)



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Baby blue butterflies ~

Ok, sweeties, I have found the most cutest dress for the littliest one!  This blue butterfly dress fits TD babies, and it comes with the wings!  The eyes are also featured as a freebie.  These are the blue set, n it’s got four different blues to choose from.  I’mma wearing the brown blue eyes to go best with the butterfly dress, n I took full bright off.  You can find the dress n the eyes on the Marketplace so it won’t take you anytime at all to get all dressed up on your way out the door to be awesome!

Blue butterflyBlue butterfly dressSoulglitter Eyes


Other stuffs:

  • Head & Body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (v.1.0.6) & Baby body
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Freckles and blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Hair: **DP**YUMYUM T02(blonde)
  • Pose:  Stardust  Alice
  • Windlight: Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim
  • Backdrop: DT  Nebula Stars
  • Props: {anc} MoonLightLounge. moon boat
  • Locale: Backdrop City
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Stuff that goes inna blog ~

Okaday, sweeties,  I love blogging for all you, I like to think of you as friends, and I just love telling my friends where to get great bargins!  But you kno I havta to do some stuff to get the blog out.  First you gotta find some great freebies (that I so hope you all like).  Then you havta get your hair done, n get dressed, n find a place for pics…. well you get the idea!  soooo anywho I hope you like all this stuff.  Maybe not everything in one blog, but maybe some from this one and some from others.  Doin the this blog is great fun, i hope you like it too!  So today I have a pretty pink pony dress from Cherry Tots.  It even haz a pony head embroidered on the dress!  And you ken also see me getting mine hair done and wat it looks like after.  Oh, and the eyes are freebies too, n they come in lotsa sizes so you’ll be sure to find one to fit you!  You are awesome sweeties, never forget that!


  • Store: Cherry Tots
    • Group gift: Pink Pony Dress – Group is 1L to join
    • Fits: TD Baby and Kid
  • Store: AVELINE
    • Dollarbie: Mesh & System Eyes – Natural – Hazel
    • Fits: 15 different sets with different eye and iris sizes.  So almost everyone!
  • Store: Alli&Ali Designs Hair
    • Dollarbie: A&A Gaby Hair Dark Strawberry (Special Color)
    • Fits: Mod, so almost everyone!
    • Includes: three sets of menu colorable rollers, hair with flexi pieces
  • Store: Alli&Ali Designs Hair.
    • Dollarbie: A&A Chiara Hair Dark Strawberry (Special Color)
    • Fits: Mod, so almost everyone!

Other stuffs:

  • Head and body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice & Kid body (v4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Freckles & Blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Pose: [KoKoLoReS] Pretty pretty pose 02
  • Windlight: Free’s Sunset
  • Props:
    • +Half-Deer+
      • Messy Blanket/Rug (Pink Polkadot)
      • Faux Window – Moonlit Night (High Blinds)
      • Soiree Curtains – White Lace – Tied
      • Dreamrose Princess Bed – Blush Pink (PG)
    • {moss&mink}
      • Love Hideaway – Curtain
  • Locale: Backdrop City
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Marketplace Monday freebies!

Alright, sweeties, at first you might think I don’t have too much to tell you about.  But you’d be very, very wrong.  I might only be telling you about some pretty eyes and a nice short hair style for summer, but just wait ’til you hear it all!  The eyes come in an Omega HUD OR mesh, and there’s a HUD so you can choose from six different colors!  You CAN change your eyes to match your dress!  And the hair is even better! You get 34 colors!  And the best part???? Both the eyes and the hair are absolutely free.  No lindens needed!  So sweeties pick up the eyes and the hair and find your favorite or favorites so you can be your awesome self!


  • Store: Mert & BusenuR
    • Freebie: Pearl Mesh Eyes (with Omega Applier)
    • Fits: Most
    • Includes: Mesh eyes with color changing HUD and Omega applier
  • Store: ~Gorgeous Dolls~
    • Freebie: ~FP~Cass – All Colors
    • Fits: Resizable, so almost everyone!
    • Includes hair in 34 colors

Other stuffs:

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Time to get your DRAGON on!

One of the things I like best about SL is that you can find soooo many different ways to decorate your room, and yourself and it doesn’t have to cost a bunch. Once day you ken be in a room of stars, then you ken make a rainforest, then the next you ken be a fairy princess or princess inna castle. Well today I decided to go with the fairy castle thing, buutttt I’mma not the princess I’mma the dragon! Hmmmm, I don’t think the dragon inna the poster is very impressed with me.  For a total of three $L you ken get a ridable dragon, a poster, a pillow, a rug, wings, and even some pretty cool lookin’ eyes! The ridable dragon is found at the NRs! store inworld, but the rest ken be found on the marketplace. So Sweeties – get your awesome self shopping!


  • NRs!
    • Freebie: Dragon group gift – group is free to join
    • Includes: Two ridable dragons sized for Kids and toddlers
  • Flower Dagostino
    • Dollarbie: Poster Dragon 7
  • Krissianne’s Kloset
    • Dollarbie: Cozy Pillow #2 purple dragon
  • Devy’s Creations
    • Dollarbie: Devy’s Creations Dragon Baby rug DC
  • Maha’s Emporium
    • Freebie: Dragon wings Version 2.0
    • Fits: Resizable so almost anyone
    • Includes: Dragon wings in white and black (outta the box alpha is set at 100%, reduce this to see the pattern)
  • By Snow
    • Freebie: Indogene Eyes w/Specular
    • Includes: Eyes in three sizes – mesh, prim, and traditional

Other stuffs:

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Whata baby doll!

Oh sweeties, ifn you wanna look like the baby doll you really are you need to check out wat I found for you on the Marketplace! You ken get the baby soft jumpsuit, with matching shoes, the blonde hair, and the eyes that will amaze your whole family and you will only spend 1L for each of them! So get going sweetie ~ and don’t forget to be awesome!


Other Stuffs:

  • Head & Body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (v.1.0.6) & Baby body
  • Skin: ~Mynerva~ 2016 Little Suzanne Spring
  • Shape: Custom
  • Pose: Doe/Paper Rabbit Pose Gift
  • Windlight: AnaLutetia – AvatarOpt2 whiter
  • Prop: BananaN DREAMS – star bed RARE
  • Locale: Backdrop City
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Valentine’s Day problems!

OK, sweeties, here’s the problem. What if you hadda decorate for one of the mostest important holidays of the year???? It hasta be good, n it hasta be pretty, n like you dont wanna spend any lindens on it. Watta you going to do???      Well I am here to save you! Go to the Gatcha Gardens event! It’s all full of valentines stuff (and lotsa other stuff too). Just join the free .::Gimme Gacha:: group and pick up all the gifties! I’mma only showing a few of the gifties here, don’t worry there’s lots more. In the pic there’s balloons to decorate with, heart wall hangings, and a picture to hang on the wall. I’m also wearing some gifts – Really pretty quartz eyes, pr!tty’s Jill hair (and it comes with all the colors!), butterflies for mine hair, and even a ladybug heart cookie! The poses I used are also part of a gift.      And as a bonus you ken even get the pretty dress for free! It’s one of the five Midnight Mania gifts from Sweet Tots. You do havta be in the Sweet Tots group but that’s only 1L to join. So sweeties go out n get ready for Valentine’s Day and go out and be awesome!



  • [V/W] Hanging Hearts Wall decor I & II
  • [PR] Heart Balloons – White 2
  • NACH Hearts Frame
  • Full length – ChiC buildings balance
  • Close up – ChiC buildings waitforit
  • Eyes: !Musa! Quartz Eye – need Omega relay
  • Hair: pr!tty – Jill [All Color Huds]
  • Hair accesories: {BabyBurp} A Butterfly Dream
  • Cookie: .:Roawenwood:. Cookie Dunk! – Heartsy Ladybug Cookie

Gatcha Gardens

  • TDWordofLove ~ Milosc
  • Midnight Mania
  • Fits TD Baby and Kid
  • Includes: Dress, shoes, hair bow, ruffled socks, and clothing HUD

Sweet Tots

Other stuffs:

  • Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Body: ToddleDoo Kid (v4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: ~Mynerva~2016 Little Suzanne Winter
  • Blush/Lips: *TD* Pretty Tattoo – Applier & 7 Deadly s(K)ins – OMEGA lipstick 04
  • Necklace: .: Kinen’s Kreations:. Glowing Flame
  • Glasses: Anachron – Round frame Glasses Gatcha – Crossbrace Copper
  • Windlight: Full length – Fairy light pink (Paulina)
  • Backdrop: [ Focus Poses ] Classroom Backdrop
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Candy, candy, candy!

Sweeties! Have I got something perfect for us! Yus! It’s the Candy Fair. There’s sooo many gifts you might gotta make two trips just to carry it all! The Candy Fair runs through 12/01/17, the group is free to join, and get this ~ the theme is Alice in Wonderland! There’s a cupcake seat (with lotsa poses, including hot chocolate!), some stuffs for your playhouse, lot of poses, a cupcake hairbow, and even donut eyes! And this is just part of the goodies! Just look for the little cakes like the one below and get your treats today!


  • Hair bow: [RA] Cupcake “now im hungry…” – Rasberry (comes in 6 flavors)
  • Seat: {RW} Holiday Sweet Seat in Red Snow [Candy Fair Gift!!]
  • Wall decor: [La Baguette] Winged Heart carpet (Gift candy Fair)  (who says it’s gotta be on the floor?)
  • Num nums: DISORDERLY. / Alice’s Tea Set / Queen Tarts / GIFT & DISORDERLY. / Alice’s Tea Set / Single Queen
  • Pose: //elephante poses// – Mint Bunny #1
  • Pose: Stardust – Alice Pose

Candy Fair

Other stuff:

  • Hair: -FABIA- < Klara >
  • Dress: .:Something Cute:. Princess Rosa Dress
  • Windlight: AnaLutetia – AvatarOpt2 whiter
  • House: ”CheapY” Toy Castle for Kids
  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes in Emerald
  • Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Body: ToddleDoo Kid (v4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Freckles ~ Cute Bytes Freckles & Moles