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Marketplace Monday ~ Tween OOTD!

Okay sweeties, this outfit of the day is perfect for fall!  It includes the hair and eyes ~

18-09-09 Marketplace Monday close up

plus the shirt, the skirt, and the boots, all for only a total of 4L! Like wow!

18-09-09 Marketplace Monday long shot

This outfit is just great for going to school, or the mall, or just hanging out with friends. The boots are sized for grown up ladies, but are very easy to modify so don’t worry about that! Just get on your new clothes and go out and be your awesome self!


  • Store: Adorkable
    • Freebie: Three Tier Skirt and Shirt
    • Fits: Regular kid or mesh tween sizes
    • Shirt, skirt, and alphas
  • IGS
    • 3L: Boots with zip, Brown
    • Fits: Mod so almost any mesh tween
    • Includes: Boots
  • Alli&Ali Designs Hair
    • Dollarbie: Phoebe Hair Dark Brown (Special Color)
    • Fits: Mod, so almost everyone
    • Includes: Mesh hair
  • Mert & BusenuR
    • Freebie: Blue Mesh Eyes (Omega)
    • Fits: Most
    • Includes: Blue Mesh Eyes and an Omega applier

Other stuffs:

  • Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE
  • Body: Meshmerized Tweenster v2.03 Boy Fitted
  • Skin: ~Mynerva~ 2016 Little Suzanne Summer Freckles
  • Shape: Custom
  • Pose: .click. poses & props Twirl 5
  • Windlight: Annan Adored Optimal Skin (no shadows)
  • Backdrop & props: ionic Teacher Scene – RARE & Notes from College [Psychology]
  • Locale: Backdrop City


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Marketplace Monday onna Tuesday!

Okaday, so some places it’s already starting to cool off n feel like fall.  So this freebie is for those places.  This outfit is soooo comfy and warm but not tooo warm, amirite? And of course the saying on it warms every daddy’s girl heart.

Daddy Loves me longshot

It’s just the perfect thing for this time of year! And you’ll wear it over an over again all through winter too!

Daddy Loves me closeup

Here’s how to get yours!


  • Store: Hooligans Co.
    • Dollarbie: Daddy Loves Me Toddleedoo Outfit
    • Fits: TD Baby and Kid
    • Includes: Outfit n hair bow
  • Store: The Spunky Monkey
    • Dollarbie: White & Black Sneakers
    • Fits: Mod ~ so almost everybody!
    • Includes: A pair each of black and white sneakers

Other stuffs:

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Summer nights are for fireflies!

Sweeties,  one thing I love most about summer is running around just after sunset and catching fireflies!  They look sooooo pretty n flashy n pretty!  And now that I’m old I’mma showing my lil brother about fireflies.  He’s already got a few inna jar and I’m teaching how you never ever ever squish them, and you always let them go before you go into bed.

Firefly closeup

You ken see how excited he is! But I told him he’s gotta wear his shoes cause you ken’t see where you’re steppin, n I don’t want him to get hurt. So remember that too, safety first when you’re out being awesome!

Firefly longshot


  • Store: Purple Pandas
    • Dollarbie: Sierra Galaxy Shirt
    • Fits: TD Baby
    • Includes: Shirt
  • Store: Prima Petite
    • Dollarbie: Daydream Eyes II – Cassiopeia
    • Fits:Mod so almost everyone!
    • Includes: Mesh and classic eyes
  • Store: Alli&Ali Designs Hair
    • Dollarbie: Phil Hair Sunlit Brown
    • Fits: Mod so lots
    • Includes: Mesh hair and classic avatar hairbase
  • Store: Vlad Blackburn
    • Freebie :Unisex Sneakers Dark Star High Tops Colorable
    • Fits:Mod – They came sized for a grump, but they fit mine lil brother
    • Includes:2 pairs of color changing star sneakers
  • Store: Grim Enigma
    • Dollarbie: Fireflies for All
    • Includes: Firefly rezzer and wearable jar of fireflies


Other stuffs:

  • Head & Body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (v.1.0.6) & Baby body
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Shape: Custom
  • Freckles & Blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Jeans: Sweet Tots – Jeans from the Cowboy2015 Jake outfit
  • Pose: my lucky stars – Pumpkin Patch
  • Windlight: AnaLu – outdoor night
  • Props: Half Deer Starbreeze Palm Trees & Fancy Decor Davis Short Panel Fencing
  • Locale: Backdrop City


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Freebies for the cooler times

Ok, sweeties,

It might be like, really hot in the north part of the earth, but it’s cooler in other places, n sometimes it even gets cool inna the evenings in the north.  So I found some nice warm freebies for those times.  The outfit is light weight so it’s not too hot, but it does have long sleeves so your arms don’t get all cold! Its also just full of butterflies so you ken tell it’s for summer time!

Butterfly outfit

I’ve also found some really cute hair to where with it, and you ken change the color of the ribbon to wat ever you want! You ken even take the ribbon off ifn it doesn’t suit you!

Curly hair

And last, but not least I found some mor nail polish! It very cute n comes in a solid or this ~


So pick up these freebies and be awesome even on cool summer nights!


  • Store: Hooligans Co.
    • Dollarbie: Love Butterfly Outfit
    • Fits: TD Baby and Kid
    • Includes: Outfit and hair bow
  • Store: Alli&Ali Designs Hair
    • Dollarbie: Ellie Hair Strawberry Blonde (Special Color)
    • Fits: Mod, so almost everyone!
    • Includes: Hair with color changing, show/hide ribbon
  • Store: The Posh
    • Dollarbie: Babeygal Nailpolish GIFT!
    • HUD works with – Slink/Vista/Omega

Other stuffs:

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Itsa wedding season ~

And sweeties, you know what that means!  Ifn you have a family as big as mine, there’s weddings, weddings, and more weddings.  I went to two just this last weekend! And, of cours, ifn you’re the flower girl, your outfit is picked out to match everyone else, but watta you do if you’re a guest? Well, no worries, today’s freebies will have you covered for a fancy dress.  First is the dress.  It’s very pretty, n you ken wear it lots of places.  And everybody is going to say ‘How Awesome!’

Fancy dress

You also ken get the hair, eyes, n shoes, so you’re all set. Here’s the front n the back of the hair ~
Head shot
Back of hairdo


  • Store: Candy Cloud
    • 5L:  Rosaly GIFT
    • Fits: TD Baby
    • Includes: Mesh top, inner n outer gown, bows
  • Store: Alli&Ali Designs Hair
    • Dollarbie: Dana Hair Dirty Blonde (Special Color)
    • Fits: Resizable, so almost everyone!
    • Include hair, and an alpha for classic avs
  • Store: ♥«´¨`•° Soulglitter °•´¨`»♥
    • Dollarbie: *Soulglitter* Eyes DARK BOX
    • Fits: Most
    • Includes: 5 system eyes (copy only), and 5 pairs of prim eyes (copy & mod)  all in colors: brown, gold, silver, sepia, and night (I’mma wearing night)
  • Store: Thomas101 Auer
    • 2L: Mesh Ballet Flats Silver
    • Fits: Resizable, so almost everyone!
    • Includes: Shoes and fitter for classic avs

Other stuffs:

  • Head & Body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (v.1.0.6) & Baby body
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Freckles and blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Pose: click  precious 1
  • Windlight: Fairy warm pinks (Paulina)
  • Backdrop: Luxurious Living Series – Spa
  • Locale: Backdrop City
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Big sis ~ lil sis

Sweeties, if you’re lookin’ for new outfits for you and your lil sis Cherry Tots is a good place to check out.  Right now it’s got several group gifts, including a outfit for a tween n several gifts for TD’s.

Cherry Tots group gift thumbnail

Now the tween outfit comes with a skirt, but my legs are a bit long for it so I wore my favorite jeans instead. Here’s close ups of the outfits ~

Cherry Tots Tween outfit

Cherry Tots Purple Dress

Annnd as an extra freebie both of us are wearing nail polish by MAAI in Party

Annnd,the Cherry Tots group is free to join right now! So all the group gift clothes cost you nothing! So get your awesome self over there today!


  • Cherry Tots
    • Freebie: Viky Complete Outfit
      • Fits: Tweens
      • Includes: Double shirt, jean skirt, shoes, and panties HUD
    • Freebie: Toddleedoo Summer Dress Purple
      • Fits: TD Baby and Kid
      • Includes: Dress
  • Maai
    • Dollarbie: Slink Omega Maitreya HUD – hands & feet * party
    • Fits: Slink, Omega, Maitreya
    • Includes: HUDs for fingernails and toenails with 10 colors

Other Stuffs:

  • TD Kid
    • Hair: **DP**YUMYUM #93 curly bob
    • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Emerald
    • Head and body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice & Kid body (v4.0.1 FITTED)
    • Shape: Custom
    • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
    • Freckles & Blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Tween
    • Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE
    • Body: Meshmerized Tweenster v2.03 Boy Fitted
    • Skin: ~Mynerva~ 2016 Little Suzanne Summer Freckles
    • Shape: Custom
    • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Emerald
    • Hair: Doe Renee V2 – Browns
    • Jeans: <nivlet> Luly Tweenster Jeans – Basics
  • General stuff


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Life’s an adventure!

Ifn you know anything about my big brother you know summer is his most favorite time of the year.  He’s old enough to run around by himself n he likes to do just that!  So most days, when I’m being baby-sittted, he throws on sometime comfy and spends the day checking out the town

Adventure full length

This is some of his most favorite clothes cause he says they speak to him? The shorts say something about ‘I’m not a number’

Not a number

And the shirt talks about how life is an adventure (and it comes in sizes from grumps to TD babies)

Life is an adventure

I think all this stuff shows how awesome mine brother is, and it will show how awesome you are too! Check out the info below on how to get these freebies!



  • Store: MK Designs
    • Freebie: Kids Shorts & Suspenders – I am not a Number
    • Fits: Big kids
    • Includes: Shorts in xs and xxs, and the alpha to go with them
  • Store: Vicarious Youth
    • Dollarbie: Baggy Tee – Life Is An Adventure (SL13B Gift)
    • Fits: Comes in 5 standard sizes for men & women, standard child, fitted child, toddleedoo baby & kid.
    • Includes: t-shirt

Other stuffs:


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This is what I call family ~

Ok sweeties, so Drake from Just Drake has a cousin that is krazy about anything Joker especially the show Gotham.  In fact Kenz just built a new store building, in true Gotham style, for HIS store, Meshmerized

Meshmerized building

So Drake has made a free shirt to celebrate his cousin and his new building –


Now that’s what I call family! This Got Ham shirt is really cool. Run over to Just Drake and pick it up today!

And while you’re at Just Drake picking up the Got Ham shirt, look around cause he’s got a couple more freebies out, including this really cool polo shirt ~


So pick up these freebies and then go out n be krazy awesome!


  • Store: Just Drake
    • Freebie: JD Tweenshirt Got Ham
      • Fits: Tweenster
      • Includes: Tweenster sizes in fitted n non-fitted for both boys n girls
    • Freebie: Orange MPolo Shirt
      • Fits: Tweenster
      • Includes: Tweenster sizes in fitted n non-fitted for both boys n girls
  • Store: Meshmerized
    • Freebie: >MM< HUD FREEBIE – Jeans
    • Fits: Tweenster
    • Includes: Baggy & Skinny in both fitted and non-fitted
  • Store: EXTAL
    • Freebie: EX- MEN’S MESH SNEAKERS
    • Fits: Mod so almost anyone
    • Includes: Sneakers

Other stuffs:

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Baby blue butterflies ~

Ok, sweeties, I have found the most cutest dress for the littliest one!  This blue butterfly dress fits TD babies, and it comes with the wings!  The eyes are also featured as a freebie.  These are the blue set, n it’s got four different blues to choose from.  I’mma wearing the brown blue eyes to go best with the butterfly dress, n I took full bright off.  You can find the dress n the eyes on the Marketplace so it won’t take you anytime at all to get all dressed up on your way out the door to be awesome!

Blue butterflyBlue butterfly dressSoulglitter Eyes


Other stuffs:

  • Head & Body: Toddleedoo Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (v.1.0.6) & Baby body
  • Skin: Cute Bytes [MM] TD APPLIER Matilda tone 3
  • Freckles and blush: [TTT] – Freckles Blush Hud (Dark)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Hair: **DP**YUMYUM T02(blonde)
  • Pose:  Stardust  Alice
  • Windlight: Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim
  • Backdrop: DT  Nebula Stars
  • Props: {anc} MoonLightLounge. moon boat
  • Locale: Backdrop City
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Still stuck in the desert!

Well, sweeties, when my family started on this road trip I didn’t think ita be to the desert!  I means mine brothers just love looking at rocks and lizards and rocks and jack rabbits and rocks and well, you gets the idea.  As for me it’s not soooo bad, but with all this sand you think there’d be a beach somewheres.  Anyhow today’s goodies is for the little guys.  Check below for the details n i’mma sure even ifn you got a buncha sand and no beach you’ll find a way to go out n be awesome!

Twin brothersChucky ShortallsStriped shirt


Other Stuffs: