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Marketplace Monday onna Tuesday!

Okaday, so some places it’s already starting to cool off n feel like fall.  So this freebie is for those places.  This outfit is soooo comfy and warm but not tooo warm, amirite? And of course the saying on it warms every daddy’s girl heart.

Daddy Loves me longshot

It’s just the perfect thing for this time of year! And you’ll wear it over an over again all through winter too!

Daddy Loves me closeup

Here’s how to get yours!


  • Store: Hooligans Co.
    • Dollarbie: Daddy Loves Me Toddleedoo Outfit
    • Fits: TD Baby and Kid
    • Includes: Outfit n hair bow
  • Store: The Spunky Monkey
    • Dollarbie: White & Black Sneakers
    • Fits: Mod ~ so almost everybody!
    • Includes: A pair each of black and white sneakers

Other stuffs:

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