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Shorts in October???

Ok, sweeties, when I first saw this I was like ‘Shorts? in October?’ But you know what? they are perfect for this time of year!  You’d think your legs would get all cold, but the long sleeved sweatshirt that comes with the set keeps you nice n toasty!  Perfect for a morning of pickin’ apples!  I was able to pick up this cool (grins) outfit at May’s Buttons and Bows in the Lucky Cupcake.  It comes in both TD Baby and TD Kid, and it includes shoes!  Hurry on over and try your luck!  ❤




Other stuff:

  • Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Body: ToddleDoo Kid (v.4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Freckles ~ Cute Bytes Freckles & Moles
  • Hair: *barberyumyum*66 (brown)
  • Pose: .:Little clover:. Love Pose
  • Sim: Glanduim
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Something to go adventuring in

Sweeties! Today’s blog is all about an outfit you ken put together without leaving your room! Top, pants, and boots are all for free on the Marketplace.

This outfit for boys, tomboys, or anyone that wants something they don’t have to be afraid of messing up. I love it for this time of year when it’s a bit cold outside and I can find some fields (or construction sites) to run around in. The cargo pants have plenty of room for bringing home interesting stuff or new pets (makes note – remove the tarantula BEFORE going into the house).

Ok ~ the shirt and the cargo pants are both from [SKL] n they both come with the TD Baby and TD Kid sizes. The boots say toddleedoo baby, but they fit my big ol’ TD kid feet just fine, and they are mod.


Other stuff

  • Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Body: ToddleDoo Kid (v.4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Freckles ~ Cute Bytes Freckles & Moles
  • Hair: *barberyumyum*57(brown)
  • Pose: Glamrus Kids . Rain 02



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The Seasons Story

Hi my sweeties! Have I got soooo much stuff to share with you!. This week I went to The Seasons Story event. It’s not really aimed at kiddos but you bet you can find stuff there! I’ve only got some of the nice free things in the blog today.  I don’t have space to show everything you ken get there!  As you walk around the TSS you will see gift boxes in most of that booths. You just click or buy for 0L. That’s all. No group is needed! Ok, so let’s get started on the samples ~

First up is the house decor ~ You can pick up some very cute benches shaped like guitar cases. This gift contains both a bench with a blanket and one without. There’s also a pretty spinner to hang from the roof. It even changes colors (like wow). And of course there’s pumpkins ~ plain pumpkins, and starry pumpkins, and my favorite the little fox pumpkin. ❤

Oh and the balloon is a pose! Way cool.

House decor


Next up is somethings that might be useful if you’re still looking for costume ideas. Especially if you like steampunk stuff. There’s a very posh top hat, tartan sunglasses, and a whipped creme stash! So many possibilities.

Hat - glasses - stache

And last but not least you ken pick up these Maple eyes and the Kitty ear headband. The eyes come with a hud that lets you pick from seven colors and the Kitty headband comes in four editions.

Eyes and kitty headband

Check below for all the info, and don’t forgot there’s more there! This Seasons Story will be open until Nov. 1, 2017. Here’s the pony ride ~  The Seasons Story


  • Benches: uK – In Tuned Bench Set Alpine with and without blanket
  • Mobile: *::.who wat.::* -Spiral glass ball mobile – gold
  • Small pumpkin: Sorbet. Pumpkin Decor
  • Fox pumpkin: Voiletility – Foxy Pumpkin
  • Starred: {YD} Magic pumpkin
  • Pose: Kirin – Gift balloon
  • Hat: /Wasabi Pills/ Mini top hat
  • Glasses: :NuDoLu: Lunettes Tartin TSS gift glasses
  • Moustache: Quirky. – fancy Whipped Stache
  • Pose: an lar [poses] the Jan Series – Three (m)
  • Eyes: CURELESS [+] Maple Eyes – seven colors
  • Headband: pr!tty – Rose Kitty Headband

Other stuff:

  • Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Body:   ToddleDoo Kid (v.4.0.1 FITTED)
  • Shape: Custom
  • Skin: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Freckles ~ Cute Bytes Freckles & Moles
  • Hair: *barberyumyum*57(brown)
  • Dress: {Clove} Apple Outfit Owl Bag
  • House: Lou mazet tiny French week-end house (Marketplace)
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Don’t be afraid of the dark!



You don’t have to be afraid of anything that howls in the woods at night when you’re wearing this cloak and hood from NRs!  Drop by soon to pick up yours!

  • The cloak and hood come in sizes for Regular kids, Tweensters, TD baby and TD kid
  • You need to join the free group NUMB3RS
  • NRs! store


Also worn:

  • Mesh body ~ *TD* Kid (v4.0.1 Fitted)
  • Head ~ *TD* Alice
  • Skin Applier ~ *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
  • Blush ~ *TD* Pretty Tattoo
  • Freckles ~ Cute Bytes Freckles & Moles
  • Eyes ~ IKON Triumph Eyes in Electric
  • Shape ~ Custom
  • Hair ~ -FABIA- Mesh Hair < Klara >


. . .

Welcome to PennyCandy!

  • Hi I’m Suni.  I like to find great deals.  I know lotsa other kids do too.  So that’s what PennyCandy is all about.  Finding stuff for free (or close to it).  I’m going to spill the jellybeans on freebies, dollarbies, manias, gifts, Market Place specials, hunts, and anything else I ken find.  Nothing featured in the Freebie section will cost more than 5L per thing.  So keep checking back!  And don’t forget to join the inworld group PennyCandy to be the first to hear about all the good stuff!